Legal and Financial Translation

The Translation Excellence Network is made up of qualified, experienced professionals whose mission is to provide excellent financial and legal translation on a timely basis in line with our clients’ specific needs.


Professional Experience

The members of the Translation Excellence Network (TEN) are all highly experienced specialists who have spent part of their careers as in-house professionals at leading private businesses and public institutions (including PwC and the ECB), enabling us to achieve an outstanding level of expertise in the areas of company law, international financial reporting, tax compliance, employment legislation, auditing, banking, etc.

Speedy Delivery

We use the latest computerised translation tools to maximise speed, consistency and efficiency, and to be able to offer our clients competitive rates. Thanks to the experience gained from managing the translation workflow within organisations we can understand our clients’ needs from their own viewpoint, particularly with respect to quality, confidentiality, reliability, and speedy delivery. 

Guaranteed Quality

We can offer an extremely high level of linguistic expertise in both English and Spanish, backed by university and post-graduate qualifications in these languages, and have extensive experience as correctors and proof-readers.

Our Services

Legal and Financial Translation

Having been employed for many years as in-house translators in the Tax and Legal division of one of the world’s biggest audit firms, our professionals have extensive experience in the Spanish-English and English-Spanish translation of legal documents, including all kinds of contracts, agreements, procedural documents, complaints, appeals, pleadings, M&A agreements, due diligence reports, etc., as well as documents relating to international double taxation, transfer pricing and EU-regulated taxes such as VAT and customs duty. 

Sworn Translation

A sworn translation is necessary for certain types of translation that are submitted to public bodies, as well as to provide legal certainty in the case of commercial documents. The Translation Excellence Network can provide sworn translations into Spanish from English, French, Portuguese, Italian and German, to meet our clients’ needs in this area. Our members are also qualified to undertake Spanish-English certified translations required by the public institutions and government bodies of the United Kingdom, the United States and the Republic of Ireland.

Business Proofreading

Our professionals at the Translation Excellence Network have the experience and expertise required to provide a high-quality document review service, including the correction of third-party translations and the proofreading of business, financial and legal documents of all kinds. When correcting translations we focus primarily on ensuring that the translated text accurately reflects the source document in terms of content, tone and meaning, making all necessary corrections to ensure an error-free final product.

Our Clients

 Our clients include some of Spain’s most prestigious legal firms and accounting companies, including members of the “Big 4” audit firms and major corporations listed on the Ibex 35 benchmark stock-market index. We also work with public institutions in Spain and abroad, and are accredited external translators for the OECD and the European Central Bank.

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