Business Proofreading

Our professionals at the Translation Excellence Network have the experience and expertise required to provide a high-quality document review service, including the correction of third-party translations and the proofreading of business, financial and legal documents of all kinds.

When correcting translations we focus primarily on ensuring that the translated text accurately reflects the source document in terms of content, tone and meaning, making all necessary corrections to ensure an error-free final product.

When proofreading business documents, our job is to make sure that all linguistic errors – grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc. – are removed. In addition, if so required, we can further edit the content of the document in order to enhance its style, guarantee terminological accuracy and consistency, and achieve a more polished, professional product. We are expert linguists with a specialised knowledge of many difference areas of business and finance and can smarten up whatever documents you may require: annual reports, financial statements, commercial presentations, training materials, press releases, etc.

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