Certified translations in English and Spanish (Spain)

In Spain, official translations are known as traducciones juradas, which literally means ‘sworn translations’.  A sworn translation is undertaken, signed and stamped by a professional authorised by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (a sworn translator, or intérprete/traductor jurado). To obtain sworn translator status, candidates must be in possession of a university degree or equivalent qualification and must pass a competitive examination. The sworn translator is responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the translation, which is certified by means of the translator’s signature and stamp. Only translations stamped by a duly accredited sworn translator may be regarded as public documents in Spain.

A sworn translation is necessary for certain types of translation that are submitted to public bodies, as well as to provide legal certainty in the case of commercial documents. Some examples are the translation of academic transcripts, work permits, birth certificates, formation deeds, contracts, notarial acts, court decisions, certificates of good standing, etc. Sworn translations are often commissioned in private transactions to gain assurance as to the linguistic accuracy of the translation and the fact that it is a true reflection of the original document.

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