Legal and Financial Translation

Legal Translation

Having been employed for many years as in-house translators in the Tax and Legal division of one of the world’s biggest audit firms, our professionals have extensive experience in the Spanish-English and English-Spanish translation of legal documents, including all kinds of contracts, agreements, procedural documents, complaints, appeals, pleadings, M&A agreements, due diligence reports, etc., as well as documents relating to international double taxation, transfer pricing and EU-regulated taxes such as VAT and customs duty. 

We can provide you with 100% accurate translations of employment contracts (including the various types of contract existing under Spanish employment legislation), loan agreements, credit facility agreements, share purchase agreements, property purchase agreements, insurance policies and any other type of commercial or private contract, as well as public procurement documents including the relevant bidding conditions and specifications. We also have considerable experience in translating procedural documents involving appeals against tax assessments and related penalties before the administrative courts, labour-related legal proceedings (including cases of unfair dismissal and work-place harassment), legal issues derived from business restructuring processes, and so on. In addition, we have translated numerous due diligence reports, including legal, labour and tax due diligence analyses, where timely delivery, as well as top quality, is of the utmost importance.

We are specialists in the translation of documentation required by data protection legislation, including texts (contractual clauses, notices, disclaimers, etc.) drawn up in accordance with the European General Data Protection Regulation. We also have the expertise and specialised knowledge required to provide absolutely accurate translations in the area of copyright, intellectual property and industrial property.

Financial Translation

We specialise in the Spanish-English translation of financial documents, including financial reporting and  all kinds of banking and financial market reports. We can meet your translation requirements with regard to annual accounts and financial statements under local GAAP or IFRS, management reports, annual corporate governance reports, annual sustainability/corporate social responsibility reports, non-financial information statements and reports, valuation reports and analyst reports, as well as statutory contingency and recovery plans. 

Thanks to our background in the auditing and accounting sector, our knowledge of these areas is truly exceptional. When translating the financial statements of major multinationals which will be read by many thousands of investors and other stakeholders around the world, there is no room for error: terminological, stylistic and technical accuracy are all essential, and that is what we offer. We have translated the annual reports of some of Spain’s leading financial institutions and multinationals, and are well aware of the responsibility this involves.

We can also undertake the translation in English and Spanish of training materials, accounting manuals, internal control manuals, codes of conduct and similar documents.

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