Sworn Translation

Sworn translations are official translations that are undertaken, signed and stamped by sworn translators authorised by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The sworn translator is responsible for the veracity and accuracy of the sworn translation, which is certified by means of the translator’s signature and stamp. Unlike non-sworn translations, the person or entity commissioning the sworn translation gains assurance as to the accuracy of the translation and the fact that it is a true reflection of the original document, a copy of which must be attached to the printed and stamped translation.

A sworn translation is necessary for certain types of translation that are submitted to public bodies, as well as to provide legal certainty in the case of commercial documents. Some examples are the translation of academic transcripts, work permits, birth certificates, formation deeds, contracts, notarial acts, court decisions, certificates of good standing, etc.


The Translation Excellence Network can provide sworn translations into Spanish from English, French, Portuguese, Italian and German, to meet our clients’ needs in this area. Our members are also qualified to undertake Spanish-English certified translations required by the public institutions and government bodies of the United Kingdom, the United States and the Republic of Ireland.

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